Immersive Citizens Original Edition: changes Note


- Removed several unwanted edits and repositioned some misplaced furnitures.
- Added a compatibility patch for touring carriages (the version 0.4 was no more compatible by default with it).

Version 0.4

Thank you very much to everyone whos have endorsed or donated since the last update. Because I don't play the original version of skyrim anymore, the number of endorsmement is the only indicator that I have to determine if it worth it to update Immersive Citizens for Skyrim original edition, therefore, if you enjoy my mod, don't forget to endorse it.

- Official Hearthfires Support. There is now 2 main versions, one requiring Dawnguard and Dragonborn only and the other one requiring all the DLCs.
- An update system and a compatibility system have been implemented. If you update immersive citizens on a old save, then all the new content from the update will be automatically implemented. Therefore you won't have anymore to update Immersive Citizens by using the in-game configuration menu when you update on a old save.
The compatibility system have been designed to ensure a better synergy with weather mod (CoT, VVW, ect.). In a upcoming update, NPCs will be able to make the difference between a thunder storm and a light rain. For now, if you use CoT, the "Weather Influence" feature for NPCs living in Raven Rock will be automatically disabled (and reenabled if you uninstall CoT). This has been done because if you use CoT, in Raven Rock area there is 90% chance to have a weather classified as rainy or snowy. Therefore, if you used CoT, NPCs living in Raven Rock spent 90% of their time inside their house. The rainy and snowy weathers implemented by CoT in Raven Rock area are really "light", therefore this won't decrease your immersion if NPCs in Raven Rock doesn't adapt their behavior according to the weather when you use CoT. - An NPCs tracking system has been added. This feature can be activated with the in-game configuration menu available via a Power (called Citizens Control). This feature allows you to get in real time the position of the following NPCs: Aela, Faendal, Farkas, Jenassa, Lydia, Torvar, Vilkas and Uthgerd. In other words the NPCs that can be difficult to find and which can be enlisted as followers. I will decide to expand it to other NPCs or not according to the feedback I get. Therefore, if you find this feature usefull, please manifest yourself.
- Some landscape alterations around Rorikstead have been removed by error during the development of a previous version. As a result one of the shack added by Immersive Citizens floated above the ground, this has been fixed.
- The feature "Survival Instinct" has been modified in order to prevent NPC enlisted as followers to use this feature. This wasn't initially intended and NPCs could only use this feature if you use some Followers Overhaul with specific settings. Note that for now this change only apply to NPCs that can be recruited without using a mod.
- All the AI added by Immersive Citizens and which used vanilla spells, will now use duplicate versions of vanilla spells. This has been done to avoid bad synergies with mods altering vanilla spells, notably the candlelight spell and heal spells.
- The first scene between Balgruuf and Proventus starts too earlier, as a result it was impossible for the player to hear the beginning of the scene, this has been fixed. The intervention range of Irileth during this scene has been also reduced,
- Reworked the conditions used by several dialogues, in order to be in line with the change made by Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.
- Several conversation involving Addvar (fishmonger living in Solitude) have been disabled because they do not work correctly and therefore disrupted NPCs AI. This is due to the fact that several dialogues from Addvar have not been archived.
- Fixed a level design error in Windhelm vanilla resulting in NPC death by falling. Notably Torbjorn Shatter-Shield and Aval Atheron.
- Fixed a level design error in Belyn Hlaalu's House vanilla preventing the game engine to load Belyn Hlaalu in a playable area.
- Due to bad vanilla navigation mesh, Aeri couldn't leave her house. This has been fixed.
- Bjorlam will now offer his services as long as the player is not in combat.
- Eorlund will offer his services even when he takes a meal near Jorvaskrr Shelter.
- Adrianne will now offer her services when she uses the smelter.
- Ysolda's AI contained an error preventing her to sleep. This has been fixed.
- Companions AI (Athis, Torvar, Njada, Ria, Farkas, Vilkas, Skjor, Aela & Tilma) and Lydia's AI have been redone in order to improve their quality up to my current standards.
- AI used by the NPCs working in Whistling mine ( Angvid, Badnir, Gunding & Thorgar) has been fully overhauled.
- Lucia's AI has been overhauled.
- Danica's AI has been redone in order to ensure that the scene with Maurice Jondrelle during the The Blessings of Nature works as intended.
- Improvements have been done on Olfrid AI, Olfina AI, Balgruuf AI, Vignar AI, Caius AI, Sinmir AI, irileth AI, Jenssen AI, Hadvar AI & Ralof AI.
- The following NPCs will now sleep at least 6 hours per day: Guthrum, Ravan Verthi, Captain wayfearer, Varnius Junius, Faida, Karita, Abelone, Thoryng, Alesan, Leontius, Eydis, Skuli, Ranmir, Dagur, Haran, Eiridi, Fultheim, Hadring, Jonna, Wilhelm, Belrand, Noster One Eagle-Eye, Jaree Ra, Louis Letrush, Gulum EI, Deeja, Marcurio, Talen Jei, Keerava, Dravynea, Kjeld, Kjeld the younger, Iddra, Lisette, Corpulus Vinius, Minette Vinius, Sorex Vinius, Harlaug, Gjalund (Solstheim and Windhelm version), Sogrlaf (Solstheim and Windhelm version), Lygrleid (Solstheim and Windhelm version), Slitter, Mogrul, Teldryn, Drovas and Geldis. Note that I haven't yet fixed all the NPCs that doesn't sleep, there is still the memnbers of The Dark Brotherhood and maybe some other NPCs.
- The sleep schedule of Hulda, Orgnar and Mralki have been modified. They will now wake up at 8 am instead of 9 am.
- Minor improvements has been done one the AI used by the following NPCs living in Solstheim: Milore and Garyn
- Farengar could be be sometimes get stuck in an casting animation loop for several minutes. In order to fix this problem his AI has been redone.
- Windhelm market won't be closed anymore during snowy weather.
- For unknow reasons, sometimes the following encounters never stop:
* Companions Hunting (Vilkas and Ria)
* Companions Hunting (Skjor, Aela and Njada)
* Companions Hunting (Farkas, Athis and Torvar)

The vanilla AI used during these encounters overrided the AI used by some quests such as "Purity" as well as AI used by the follower system and the marriage system. Therefore, these encounters was a source of serious bugs for several users. In order to bypass this problem, these encounters won't alter anymore AI used by The Companions.

- Fixed several level design error in Morthal, Dawnstar and Solitude preventing NPCs to lock their house when they leave it.
- The compatibility patches for OCS, RRR, ELE and ELFX have been updated to be in line with the latest version of Immersive Citizens.


- The AI of Elrindir, Idolaf, Olfrid, Alfhild, Bergritte, Eorlund and Fralia have been redone in order to improve their quality up to my current standards.
- Bjorlam's camp has been moved closer to his carriage, therefore, Bjorlam should be easier to find at night
- A typo mistake in the new configuration menu has been fixed.

Version 0.3.5

- The feature "General Behaviors" has been implemented to the citizens living in one of the following locations: Windhelm, Anga’s Mill, Hlaalu Farm, Holly frost Farm, Katla’s Farm, Brandy-Mug Farm and The Red Wave. It means that all these NPCs will sleep at least 6 hours per day. Note that due to the fact that about thirty NPCs didn't have a place to sleep, I had to add extra beds and thus to do structural rearangement in different houses and on Windhelm's docks.
- A new power has been added, this power allow you to use a very straightforward menu allowing you to disable, activate and to update Immersive Citizens. This menu works in conjunction with the MCM menu and doesn't require SKSE or SkyUI. This menu should allow you to update Immersive Citizens on saves with the version 0.2.4 or prior installed on it (assuming that you don't get a CTD before to be able to use this menu).
- The shack behind FrostFruit Inn has been moved in order to improve the compatibility with popular mods (don't forget to update DynDOLOD)
- You can now partially disable the influence of weather for the citizens living in Whiterun.
- The feature Survival Insctint has been disabled for Banning, Hogni Red-Arm, Lisbet when they are inside Reachcliff Cave in order to prevent this feature to distrupt the quest The Taste of Death if you decide to kill Eloa.
- Immersive Citizens has been updated in order to be in line with the latest version of USLEEP.
- The patches for OCS, RRR, ELE and ELFX have been updated in order to be in line with the latest version of Immersive Citizens.